Team Leaders


Architect, sustainable consultant, strategic planner and innovation enthusiast, he works in the public and private sectors focusing architectural research according to systemic, biomimetic and territorial environmental characterization approaches. He develops his ideas following some workshops with Prof. Thomas Herzog and thanks to cooperation with the International Living Future Institute – Seattle US .

Beekeeper, he studies bees, inspiration of sustainability and beauty. Owner Honey Farm “Regina di Fiori”


Architect, energy consultant and environmental sustainability, expert in the management of the building casing. After the study experience with Thomas Herzog and the training courses followed in Bolzano with CasaClima, he specialized in buildings with low environmental impact. He works for the public and for the private sector in a constant search for the best relationship between man and nature. In the same groove the collaboration with the International Living Future Institute – Seattle US.

Schoolmaster, he sees in the youth the best appliance to improve our life on earth.

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